Meet the Staff

Kitchen Assistant
January 14, 2020
Covid-19 Update
June 10, 2020

Meet the Staff

Nacho Nachev,  Chef at Glenview

Hello, my name is Nacho Nachev, and I am the Chef at Glenview. Here my culinary team and I aim to deliver what is best for our residents. The central cuisine is traditional British food, but we also take into consideration our residents’ culture, preferences and health conditions. We also keep very high hygiene level to deliver the food in the safest way possible.

My personal favourite is making beautifully decorated cakes for them and seeing their smiles when they see them.

A Huge Thank You to Nacho From the Senior Management Team, at Glenview

Nacho is an extremely kind and compassionate individual, most passionate and dedicated to providing the very best of menus to people living with dementia, in a care Home setting. He is conscientious and attentive to every last detail of his food preparation ensuring consistently that served meals are flavoursome, attractive in presentation and rich in the nutritional ingredients needed by individuals, in order to maintain a high degree of physical, mental health and wellbeing.

He is always keen to go the extra mile on special occasions for our residents and his baking and cake decorating skills are astounding. Personally, I have NEVER tasted such high quality baked goods. He delights in making people happy with his talents. Literally everything he does for the persons living in our home ( and the staff) is pursued with passion.

His dedication toward our Home and the people living in our care throughout Covid 19 pandemic is commendable. He has never once failed us or wavered in his standards and commitment toward excellence.

Everyone who knows Nacho speaks highly of both him and his culinary skills. He is always pleasant and respectful and is wonderful in approach to his duties, his colleagues, residents, family and visitors to our home. He never turns down an opportunity to support and be of service to others. Visitors are always very spoilt with his home bakes and he is always making extra, just in case we have additional visitors. Family members whom have been at the beside of very poorly persons, have been comforted by Nacho ensuring they are provided with freshly prepared meals and tasty snacks.  We are all extremely grateful for his dedication and commitment. Thank you Nacho, on behalf of all of us.

Caron Dixon, Operational Manager