We recognise that our residents need more than just care during their stay with us so we offer them the following additional services:

Visitors Meals
Visiting opticians
Newspapers and magazines

If a your loved one needs to attend either an hospital or out-patient appointment we can arrange for transport to and from the appointment as well as providing a member of staff as an escort if required.

Note – the above services are charged at cost plus a small administration fee.


Our fee levels are highly competitive and are based on the amount and type of care required as well as the grade of room occupied. Fees will always be advised in writing prior to admission and will generally be reviewed annually. Please note that fees charged may change if the level of care and support changes.

Our fees cover all accommodation costs as well as care costs and typically include the cost of the room, heating, light, food, laundry services (excluding dry cleaning or specialist care laundry services) and the provision of incontinence products. Residents who receive nursing care may be eligible to receive government funding towards the cost of their fees. Our resident home manager will be on hand to advise and assist you with any application.

Contact us: 0117 973 4910