Our Admissions Process

We have attempted to ensure the admissions process is extremely straightforward. It is designed to help you make the move into our Home as simple and worry free as possible. We aim to complete the process with regard always to your expectations.

The process Consists of:

• Referral by You, a Local Authority or family member
• Visits to our Home and/or Zoom meeting to firstly discuss your needs
• A pre-admission assessment by a suitably qualified staff member
• Confirmation form our Home that we are able to appropriately meet individual needs
• Funding agreement
• Admission
• Six Week Review

Important Stages Explained


Following initial contact and enquiry with our Home, an experienced and qualified member of our care management team will visit you to carry out a ‘needs assessment’. We might also require additional information or advice and reports from specialist care teams. Information provided by you, your family and friends, is also very important. This is an essential process to allow us to identify that our care Home is the very best place for you and that the service provided by us is one that will support and meet your requirements.

For persons receiving support from their local social services team to find a new home, an initial assessment will be undertaken by a Social Care Practitioner. This will form the basis of our own assessment.

Our own assessment criteria will cover a comprehensive range of all your health and social requirements. We will also aim to ensure we know as much as possible about each individual and all information is dealt with in the strictest confidence.

It is important to us individuals also gain as much information about our Home and services so as to make the correct decision. We encourage visits and discussions with individual members of our team.
We will also offer advice regard appropriate care. In the event our Home is not suited to you needs we will try to offer assistance and advice with seeking a more appropriate care setting.

The Placement Agreement

Once you have identified you would like to make one of our Homes, your home and all parties are agreed upon placement, we will provide you with our Contract of Care. You will have opportunity to discuss in more detail the information within this document and our care management team will be happy to answer any questions you have. Once terms are fully agreed and you are happy with arrangements, we will agree a date for admission to your new home.

On the Day and Following Admission

You will be advised what to bring with you prior to your admission date. Furniture and larger personal items can be moved to the Home prior to the day of your arrival and arrangements for this can be discussed with your Care Manager.

Prior to your admission, you will be asked to compete our Personal Belongings Checklist. We ask you to complete this so that all your belongings are clearly identified and listed and advice can be given to you relating to more valuable items. From time to time, items get lost and misplaced by individuals living in our Home and we always advise individuals to consider carefully ways in which to keep precious items safely stored.

Upon joining our community, each individual has a carefully devised plan of care. This is devised from the information collated during the assessment stage of the process and is designed specifically around your individual needs. The Care Plan provides our nurse and care teams with information relating to your health, social and cultural care needs, preferences and lifestyle choices. Planning the care individuals receive is a continual process of development and review, with each resident, their family, friends and other professionals contributing toward the best quality daily life we can offer. Although family and friends have a significant role in ensuring you are cared for sensitively and respectfully and is highly valued, it is the best interest always, of the individual residing in our Home that matters most to us.

Six Week Review

The first six week period of the placement is viewed as a trial period. At this time a review will be held to ensure all parities are entirely satisfied. If any change to the way we care for an individual is needed, outcomes are agreed and necessary actions taken accordingly.

Emergency Situations

Sometimes emergency situations arise, and individuals have very little time to give consideration to where they might want to reside. In a time of crisis we hope always to offer our assistance and support in, what can often be a very stressful time, for both individuals and their families. Emergency admissions can be offered, where time is crucial and in a situation where risk to individual safety and welfare is of some concern.

In circumstances such as these, our staff are trained to respond with efficiency and professionalism and where a comprehensive pre -admission assessment process is not possible, as much information as possible with be collated from individual, family, friends and health and social care professionals, to ensure a decision is made regard safe and appropriate admission to our Home.