February 2024 Newsletter

January 2024 Newsletter
January 3, 2024
March 2024 Newsletter
March 1, 2024

February 2024 Newsletter

Dear families and friends,

I hope this finds you well. Please find enclosed the activities that we have coming up in January. The activity timetable is subject to change as we want to keep it person-centered, however, any external activities coming into the home will remain unchanged.

After the busy season of Christmas, we welcomed the new year and the slowness that January can bring but we kept active with playing balloon tennis, the balloon game and ball games. We had a couple of musicals, one with pom poms and musical instruments and the other with songs from musicals. We had discussions about food, wintertime, and lessons from the residents where we were taught how to make a banana sandwich and tomato sauce. We took part in quizzes, group crosswords and spent an afternoon making and flying paper aeroplanes. Stories were read out loud and photos and personal artifacts were shared. Some residents spent time together in the garden and some went further afield to Elberton for a trip out. We’ve painted pictures, made cards, and played cards; games of Whist and Play Your Cards Right which was good fun. As a team we tried so many times to turn all the cards over which we eventually achieved!