October Newsletter 2021

September Newsletter 2021
September 22, 2021
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February 10, 2022

October Newsletter 2021

Dear families and friends. I hope this finds you well!

This newsletter is a great opportunity for us to let you know what we have been doing in September and our activity plans for the coming months.

I have enclosed September’s activities timetable so you can see what we have got up to last month.

We had a wonderful trip to the zoo and were so lucky with the weather! We saw lots of animals and the butterfly house was one of the most popular places! We do plan to return there for some more trips in the future before it closes.

Laurie and his wife Yvonne looking at the monkeys!

We’ve also enjoyed trips to The Downs, where we have sat and talked and watched the world go by and visiting a café for coffee and cake.

We had a very interesting activity session called Learning a Language in which I discovered a lot of residents can speak other languages – mainly French and some Welsh!

We indulged in a Cheese and “Wine” Party enjoying a cheese selection, breadsticks, crackers, pineapple chunks and fizzy grape drinks.

We had another visit from Shannon the singer, who came in and got the party started! There was lots of dancing and it was a lovely afternoon!

We have also been doing some gardening planting Forget-Me-Not seeds which have started to sprout! And a fun quiz of finishing the sentences to old sayings, “Don’t count your chickens…”

Birthdays we celebrated in September were Malik and Serena!

We are currently asking families for media consent to use photography in newsletters and websites etc, so when you are next in, I’ll ask if you are happy to fill out a form.

Next month we have Singing with Rosie coming in on 15th October from 2pm-3pm who will be doing an interactive music session – all are welcome. And a regular prayer group led by our resident Senobar’s daughter Nahid who will be facilitating it monthly. Also, a Christmas party for the residents will be on December 3rd – more information to follow. You can now view our newsletter online on our website, so if you no longer want to receive it by post drop me an email glenviewactivity@outlook.com 😊



Resident of the month is RUDDY: He likes sport, especially cricket and football.