January 2022 Newsletter

October Newsletter 2021
October 19, 2021

January 2022 Newsletter

Dear families and friends, I hope this finds you well.

We celebrated National Thank You Day where we expressed who we would like to thank. There were some lovely answers, with our resident Dot saying she thanks her niece “Beverly for being Beverly”. Glynis then helped me write up people’s messages which were then  stuck on the gallery wall.

One Sunday we sang hymns and played percussive instruments along to them. This is one way the residents can connect to their faith. Our guinea pigs Beauty and Twenty-One still have outings out of their hutch which brings people a lot of joy! Both Ida and June had some time with our little piggies.

We had a session looking at Fashion Through the Ages where we had videos, pictures, questions, and a discussion talking about our own relationship with clothes and fashion. This was a wonderful activity where people shared stories about their life and themselves.

We also enjoyed a morning of painting where residents took to paper, pencils and paint and created! Archie painted a picture of the flowers that were on the table, Glynis drew her dolly that she holds, and Bobby drew a scene of Mount Snowdon.

In January we celebrated Dorothy’s birthday!

This month we interviewed our resident Lynette. “I like sewing, gardening, cooking, painting, and drawing. Years ago, I had a sewing machine, and I made my own net curtains. My dad taught me to do the gardening. I was in a church choir. I teach people new interests which I have acquired myself. I like going in the country and looking at trees. I used to pick field mushrooms and they are better than the ones in the shop! I also did crochet.” In this interview, Lynette sang a little to me when she talked about being in the choir.

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